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How to prepare Form I-9 2018

Open the template
You don't have to look for a template of Form I-9 2022 on the internet and download the file. Open up the sample straight inside the editor with one click.
Complete the sample
Fill every single area within the form providing legitimate details. When there is a signature field, you could add your eSignature to make the papers lawfully valid.
File online
You may download the template or deliver it online by electronic mail, fax, or Text messaging. Use Send via USPS feature to deliver a physical document without leaving your home.

What Is I-9 Form 2018

The Employment Eligibility Verification, Form I-9, is a United States Citizenship and Immigration Services document. Since 1986 this form is used to verify an employee’s identity with their employer. This is intended to control the legal authorization to work to all paid workers.

Due to the Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986 that requires all employers to verify the new employees, workers have to complete the I-9 at the time of hire.

Note that the document is not required for independent contractors or unpaid volunteers. However, there may be some exceptions.

Which Version of The Form I need to Prepare?

There are some versions of the I-9 Form. The latest one was published by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services on November 14, 2016. The 2022 template was acceptable until January 22, 2017. Since then only the I-9 2022 version can be used.

Learn the List of the Required Information and Documents

As an employee you have to fill out only Section 1. Section 2 has to be completed by the employer within three days of the worker’s starting date of employment. The superior has to ensure that the paper is filled out in time and is completed according to the requirements.

The worker has to indicate

  • their personal information i.e. full name, address, date of birth;
  • Social Security number;
  • email address and contact numbers.

The new employee also has to prsome documents.

  • The one that confirms identity and employment eligibility or
  • The one that confirms identity together with another document that confirms employment eligibility.

Check Lists A, B and C of the Documentation for proof of identity or employment authorization to find out more details about the required papers.

Note that an alien who has the legal right to work in the United States has to prthe alien registration number or indicate Form I-94 admission number.

The prospective employee has to sign the I-9 2022 and add the current date.

Additional Points to Remember

It is critically important to pronly true details. False information may lead to fines and even imprisonment.

In case a person needs some help to prepare the document (because of disability, or young age), then the special individual assisting them has to specify his/her personal data and sign the form as well.

If a worker cannot properly read or write in English, a translator or preparer has to fill out the blank and sign it on behalf of the employee. Note that in this case the worker is required to add their signature as well.

Online methods assist you to prepare your doc management and enhance the efficiency of the workflow. Go along with the short tutorial for you to carry out Form I-9 2018, stay clear of glitches and furnish it within a timely method:

How to accomplish a Form I-9 2022 internet:

  1. On the website while using the form, click on Get started Now and go to your editor.
  2. Use the clues to complete the pertinent fields.
  3. Include your own info and get in touch with details.
  4. Make absolutely sure that you choose to enter appropriate data and quantities in acceptable fields.
  5. Carefully take a look at the information within the kind as well as grammar and spelling.
  6. Refer that will help area should you have any questions or address our Support workforce.
  7. Put an digital signature with your Form I-9 2022 while using the aid of Sign Resource.
  8. Once the form is concluded, press Undertaken.
  9. Distribute the prepared variety by way of email or fax, print it out or save on your gadget.

PDF editor permits you to make improvements on your Form I-9 2022 from any net linked system, customize it in keeping with your requirements, signal it electronically and distribute in several approaches.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form I-9 2022

Instructions and Help about Form I-9 2022

Today we're going to talk about form i-9 the federal form that employers use to verify the identity and employment eligibility of nearly all employees as a general rule US employers are required to complete and retain a form i-9 for each employee hired to work in the United States citizen or not it sounds simple, but there are a lot of questions surrounding i9 s and it as an employer you need to know the right answers welcome to HR / coffee a series from the experts at HR 360 where you'll learn how to effectively hire manage and terminate employees for my nine is a routine and required part of onboarding new employees the form is composed of three main sections' employee information and verification of identity and eligibility to work employ a review and verification of documents and a third section that is used when reverification or updates are necessary let's jump right in and take a look at some of the most common questions employers have regarding i9 forms do I need to complete i9 forms for independent contractors am I responsible for the authenticity of documents presented for verification what if there's a mistake on a nine AMI can i fire an employee who fails to produce the required documents how can I protect private information on form i-9 all right now let's answer these questions one at a time do you need to complete form i-9 for independent contractors or their employees the answer to this is no you don't need to complete form i-9 for independent contractors and any contractor you engage is responsible for completing the i-9 for its own employees however you may not use a contract to obtain the labor or services of an employee knowing that the individual is not legally authorized to work next are you responsible for the authenticity of the documents presented by employees for verification many employers ask this question and the answer is twofold you must carefully examine the documents and if they appear to be genuine and to relate to the person presenting them well then you must accept them refusing to do so could be considered an unfair immigration related Employment Practice however if they don't appear genuine, or they don't relate to the employee you must not accept them what if you find a mistake on form i-9 if you find a mistake on a form i-9 correct it and the best way to correct it is to draw a line through the portion of the form that contains the incorrect information and then enter the correct information initial and date your correction if you have previously made changes on form i-9 in white-out instead you should attach a note to the corrected form i-9 explaining what happened be sure to sign and date the note next can you fire an employee for failing to perform i-9 documentation yes you may you can terminate an employee who.

Common Mistakes

Improper Social Security Numbers
Wrong tax payer name
A number of declaring statuses
Failing to certify your blank
Mathematics mistakes

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FAQ - Form I-9 2018

What is the purpose of Form I-9 2018?
To obtain information, records, or other information from or about you. How will I receive Form I-9? You can use a paper Form I-9. You can obtain a paper Form I-9 as soon as your employer notifies you, or you become aware of any action concerning your employer that is required to be reported under Form I-9 or any successor form. If you have a paper Form I-9, you can obtain a paper copy from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Website, available at. If you have a paper copy of an I-9 but the information you need is not available at the site, call the closest USCIS office or visit the nearest USCIS office. You can also submit a faxed or emailed Form I-9 or a paper Form I-9 online at. You can also use the USCIS Electronic Claim Verification System (CVS) at for the automatic submission of all Form I-9 and similar forms electronically. How often do you make changes? You pay a fee for each change you request or for each Form I-9 or similar that you receive. Can I get a corrected Form I-9? Yes. USCIS can correct any error in a Form I-9 if it is filed electronically. The correction is generally complete within 1 business day of receipt from the receiving agency through the e-verify network. If a correction is not completed in the time frame given for the requested correction, the receiving agency will initiate the appropriate follow-up action. Can a Form I-9 be rejected from the e-verify system because the employee information is incorrect? Yes. If the employer fails to submit the proper Form I-9, the receiving agency will reject the Form I-9. This applies to all forms of government documents including but not limited to Federal and State income tax returns and employment applications.
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