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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing free fillable i-9 form 2021

Instructions and Help about free fillable i-9 form 2021

To begin completing your i9 first you must select one document from list a or a combination of one selection from list B and one selection from list C please note that you cannot choose two documents from the same column once you have selected your document or documents you will take them and this form to a notary present your forms of identification to the notary it is not necessary to bring the rest of the i9 to the notary the notary is simply looking at your documents and verifying your identity once completed the notary will pra stamp on the same form once you have completed a notary form you can move on to the main form this is the first page of the i9 to begin completing the first page of the i-9 start with section 1 employee information here you will fill out your last name first name middle initial address city or town state zip code date of birth social security number your email address and your telephone number once you have completed all the basic information you may move on in the Citizenship section select your citizenship status by marking the appropriate box once that is completed sign the paper as well as the date after signing you may notice the box labeled prepare and/or translator certification if you filled out the rest of the form by yourself you will check the first box labeled I did not use a preparer and/or translator if someone had helped you filled out the form you will check the second box a preparer and/or translator assisted the employee in completing section one the preparer or translator will then fill out the following section the second page of the i-9 will be filled out by an authorized representative which is anyone who is over the age of 18 and is of stable mind and character they will write your name at the top portion of the page and will fill in your citizenship status based on page 1 your authorized representative will then look at the same forms of identification you brought into the notary and will list them in the appropriate column for example if you used an item from list a such as a passport they will fill in under column a passport for the document title for issuing authority they will write what is on the form of identification whether it be US government social admin or other such titles the document number which is presented on the form of identification card will also be written down if the document has an expiration date fill it in if it is a social security card or birth certificate that does not have an expiration date they will write n/a in this section the authorized representative will sign their name date and list their title authorized representative under the column for employer named ro health needs to be filled in for employer address they will.