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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing i 9 regulations 2021

Instructions and Help about i 9 regulations 2021

Well good afternoon and welcome to I 9 advantage and our webinar hosted by David Paschal is an analyst with the department of homeland security and he has been with the Department of Homeland Security for over six years as a senior analyst that conducts briefings on form i-9 and he verifies they've served as a USCIS point of contact for ice and HSI and we're excited to have Dave join us today my name is Denise and Taylor and I will be assisting and moderating throughout the process flow along with my colleague Debbie Mullen Tony so we'll begin and just a moment before that I would like to just talk a little bit about what our agenda will look like for today so basically we will have Dave possession and side platform I&I an e-verify followed by a brief overview of solutions that would be available for you to address non-compliance related to form i-9 and e-verify and then we will allow a good portion of our time today for questions and answers I'm going to go ahead and begin by introducing state and the form i-9 any verify employment eligibility verification webinar okay hey I appreciate that anything and I would like to thank I 9 advantage for inviting me to speak today on the i9 but before we get started just a couple things for you just to think about what are the odds of you ever getting audited think about that for a second what are your odds you know a lot of people just blow that off ago or what's the chance that uh I don't get audited I would highly recommend that you take this time and take this presentation the information to jot down some notes to hear truly from the actual division here at USC is where I work it's our division here in the verification division the USCIS that actually makes up the form on the actual handbook the m27 for handbook that pryou guidance on completing the iodine along with the other programs e-verify itself check employee rights etc so many of you may feel a listen to this guy I have listened and watched and done the i9 for years I know all about it but you don't know if you've been instructed or heard things incorrectly so we're going to go over a lot of items in regards to the i-90 over the next 40 minutes or so we're not only going to talk about just the background as you see the agenda come up realizing there's a different level of knowledge and experience that's on the line today we're going to start from that foundation level we're going to build it up we're going to look at not only completing the form i-9 section by section we'll also talk about that storage and the retention and accept room okay so let's go ahead and then we'll jump briefly into the i9 companion e-verify already.