Form I-9 2018

Online I9 2018: Frequently Asked Questions

Every employer should keep the 2018 I9 form for each employee. According to the US law, all hired individuals should fill out this template on their first working day. While filling out documents, everyone faces various problematic moments.

Who Does not Need The I-9 Form?

There are some special categories of people who do not need to submit this form:

  1. Those who are doing domestic work in a private house or irregularly;
  2. Independent contractors (they provide other documentation);
  3. All the citizens who do not work in the United States physically.

Is There Any Additional Information to Support I9 Form?

Every template should be completed with data taken from the original documents and show the employee identity and/or authorization for employment. Personal details, contacts and SSN are given in the first part of the document. Note, that all the information should be written correctly, as it is in papers.

The second block of the sample contains the list of papers including passport, permanent resident card, alien registration receipt card. Provide the military card or driver’s license to support your identity and US ID card or Certificate for Birth Abroad to prove the employment authorization.

The foreign students need to show the Foreign Passport or Departure Report with the nonimmigrant status. Pay attention to the fact that the document should be original and valid.

Does I 9 Form Require Obligatory Notarization?

In most cases, the completed sample should not be notarized. The employer may apply for the help of a notary. However, the notary may decline such application as the confirmation is generally not required by law. The papers added to the blank are the only original confirmation for the legal admission to work. The sample can be signed by the third party, such as a translator or authorized representative.

How to Correct Mistakes in I9?

Those who has filled out the paper variant of the template will have numerous problems with corrections. Usually it’s needed to circle the wrong area and write the correct variant or complete the miswritten part of the sample on the new sheet and attach it to the previous version. Try to fill out the blank digitally to save time and efforts. Any electronic template is simply to edit and it looks more neat and professional. The information is clear and understood. Printed data is easy to read because it does not depend on the handwriting.