Form I-9 2018

I9 2018 Requirements

I-9 Form should be completed by each individual, who wants to be employed in the United States. Every employer has to give this form for filling to the person he or she is going to hire. Then the completed document should be retained and stored by the hirer either for three years after the hiring date or for one year in case the employment is terminated. This procedure is important for verifying the identity and employment authorization of any occupied person. Both citizens and non-citizens are required to complete an I-9 Form 2018.

An employer, who fills out the template must attach his or her acceptable documents evidencing identity. His or her employer then must examine the candidat’s eligibility and identity. It is necessary to determine whether the documents are authentic and whether information is the same as in the I9 2018. On the last page of the form you can find the list of acceptable documents. They should be available for the authorized government officers inspection during the designated period.

How to properly complete the I 9 Form in 2018?

The I-9 pdf consists of 3 pages itself and 15 pages of instructions. Supplements are acceptable. You can significantly simplify the process, filling the sample online. Insert the required information into the fillable fields and sign the sample using tools on the website.

Both an employer and employees must insert the required data into the fillable fields.

A job applicant must state his or her status in appropriate field. There are three options:

  • Citizen/national of the United States;
  • Lawful permanent resident;
  • Alien authorized to work in the United States until a specific date.

Section 1 should be dated and signed. Otherwise the form is invalid and can’t be accepted. Here is another important piece of advice to fill out the template:

  1. As an employee you must present a list A item, or a list B (including a photo) and list C item.
  2. The Social Security number box is optional, so nobody can require you to specify it except in the case of using e-Verify.

The employer must get a completed document before the date of hire and the eligibility of the new worker should be confirmed within first three business days of working. In case, the required documentation can’t be presented by an employee, he or she may provide a receipt to prove that the documents are applied for replacement. This way it is possible to get an extension up to 90 days.