Form I-9 2018

2018 I9 Verification

Form I-9 is obligatory for those who need to verify the identity and employment authorization of workers hired for employment in the United States. Because of that, every employee and employer has to deal with the I9 2018 form. If the company does not have the document for each worker, it may lead to penalties. Foreign employees that do not understand terms given in the sample can apply for the help of a translator or an authorized representative.

The List of Documents to Support The I 9

In addition to the filled out blank, one should provide some additional documents. The list of papers that should be given depend on the user's citizenship. US citizens need to provide the Passport or ID together with Driver’s License or Military Card. Non-US residents should prepare Permanent Resident Card, Certificate for Birth Abroad, Alien Registration Receipt Card etc. Also, don't forget to enumerate names, numbers, expiration dates of the supplements and authorities that issued them. This information will help the data collection system to compare all the provided facts with the existing ones.

Note, foreign students that want to work are obliged to support their form with unexpired foreign Passport or Departure Report with nonimmigrant status.

Is It Possible to Complete 2018 I9 Verification Digitally?

This template may be completed and certified both by employer and employee online. Click at the “Start now” button and type in all the necessary details. To avoid mistakes follow our instructions and submit your blank within five minutes:

  1. Select the area you want to put the answer at, and place the text toolbox there. Type in the textual or numeral data, and move to the next question.
  2. Here the individuals are required to provide their personal and contact details, SSN, ZIP code and postal address as well as e-mail and phone number.
  3. Some parts of the template contain checkboxes. To agree with one of the items, select a checkmark in the set of tools based at the upper part of the editor.
  4. I-9 can be verified with a legally binding signature. To add the initials in the blank select “Sign” tool and draw a signature with a mouse or type it.
  5. The electronic version of the template can be further downloaded to your computer and printed or kept in the digital PDF variant.

Note, that all the information should be taken from the originals, as no copies allowed. Be careful, as the documents should be valid.