Form I-9 2018

2018 I9 and W4 - Employment Forms

Once an employee is hired, they should set up all additional documentation and begin fulfilling their job. During the first day of work, every newly hired person is usually obliged to complete the W4 and I-9. The first mentioned form is made for taxation and sent to the IRS. In this blank, people indicate their personal information, SSN, marital status and one or several allowances they claim for. Every company or corporation provides those blanks to IRS.

The second template is 2018 I9. It is necessary for employers to be sure that an individual they hire works legally.

Submit The I9 Form in Several Minutes Online

The Employment Eligibility Verification is obligatory in accordance with the US law. Thus, do not be surprised when your hirer asks you to fill out I 9 blank. In order to save time and make the document neat and easy-to-read, complete the digital version on our site. It will take not more than five minutes. To quickly fill out the form click on the “Start now” button. Next, follow a few steps given below:

  • First of all, the user will see the pop-up window with the video instruction that will help to understand all peculiarities of the sheet.
  • The template also includes additional notes that help to infill it successfully. Read them carefully before you start typing in the information.
  • Provide the personal data including name, postal address, zip code, telephone number, and e-mail. Those who have the social security number should provide it too. Select “T” and place the box at the space you want to put the answer.
  • Put a checkmark in front of one of the multiple variants if you are US citizen or non-citizen allowed to work. Select the checkmark in the upper panel of tools and place it inside of the checkbox.
  • If the user has difficulties in understanding of terms in English, the help of the translator is admitted. The translator should certify that they have assisted the person and guarantee that all the obligatory information, provided by the individual is correct.
  • The second part of the form contains the number of documents to support the applicant’s identity and employment authorization. Choose one from the list A or two from lists B and C. The first column includes employment and identity together, the second and the third have one of these items.
  • Finally, put the date and certify the document by legally binding electronic signature, that can be drawn with a mouse or typed.