Form I-9 2018

2018 I 9 Acceptable Documents

On the first working day, employees should complete the 2018 I-9 form to prove that they have a right to work in the United States. This procedure is obligatory as it is required by law. Companies hiring people should keep filled documents and be ready to show them to the government officials. US citizens, foreign student and individuals with a permission to work and live in the United States have a right to get a job in the country. As a result, they may deal with I 9 form.

On top of all the standard data, every employee should provide to the employer the supporting papers that show identity and employment authorization. The information about the document, such as the title number and issuing authority, should be included in the template as well. Usually, a person may provide only one card that corresponds to all the requirements. However, if there is no passport or permanent resident card, the other papers can be provided.

The form contains three columns that specify the type of the document. The first one includes items concerning both an identity and a right for employment, the second comprises identification and the third comprises the admission for working. Thus, the applicant may show the employer either one paper from the first column or two from the second and third. All the acceptable papers are enlisted on the blank I-9.

If a hired individual is younger than 18, they can show the school or medical record as well as the birth certificate or its copy issued by a state or municipal authority.

Complete 2018 I9 Digitally

Everyone can fill out the sample online and save time for more important business. The only thing you need is to click at “Start Now” button. You will be redirected to the editor with a form. To submit the sample successfully, an applicant needs to follow such steps:

  1. Select the first field and type in the needed information.
  2. At the beginning of the template, provide your personal details, date of birth, address and social security number.
  3. The next block classifies the citizenship of the applicant.
  4. Sheet number two is completed by both the employer and the hired person. It contains document details and their certification.
  5. If the foreign citizen does not know English he can apply for the help of an authorized representative.
  6. Add a legally binding signature by drawing it with a touchpad or typing your initials.